Over the years the attorneys have realized that many employment issues can be better addressed by working with the client to identify the root problems and then provide objective, practical advice combined with a strategy to assist them in navigating their employment life.  Employment Coaching combines legal advice and coaching techniques to support the client in making critical decisions about the current employment situation.  Whether it be a promotion, increase in salary, transitioning from one position or job to another, or just being recognized for the job you are performing, the attorneys can help you develop a defined strategy to confidently achieve your goal.  Our coaching work with clients can take the form of a brainstorming session to providing critical feedback on the client’s role in creating or facilitating the employment situation at issue.  It includes providing objective feedback on the client’s communication, identifying areas of strength and those areas in need of improvement, opportunities, developing goals, and strategizing on how to reach those goals.  We assist our clients in understanding and conveying their own value, so they are prepared for hiring, promotion and salary negotiations.  In situations where separation is inevitable, we work with our clients to achieve an optimum separation with minimum professional repercussions.