We photo workersadvise employees about their rights and obligations on the job with respect to state and federal discrimination laws, wage and hour standards, family and medical leave laws, whistleblowing laws, wrongful termination, common law claims, and employee benefits laws.  We advocate for employees throughout the course of the employment cycle.  We assist in the hiring process, including negotiating compensation and other terms of employment.  We advise clients if their rights on the job have been violated or assist employees who need help addressing job performance issues.  Finally we advise on termination disputes, whether by negotiating separation packages or, when necessary, litigating the dispute.


“I cannot recommend Kimball Brousseau more highly.  A friend told me about them when I found myself suddenly fired from my job.  They were highly recommended.  Why, because they were known to be honest, excellent lawyers.  My experience when I sat down with Justine and Nina is that they listened to me and then they laid out the challenges.  They told me that it could be a long process.  It was.  Throughout that process, I was impressed with their grasp of the law, attention to detail, and commitment to my case.  Justine and Nina also knew my financial resources were limited.  They were able to honor and work within my budget, yet did not cut any corners.  They supported me, advocated for me and kept me informed throughout the legal process.  I would want Nina and Justine in my court if I ever needed legal help in the future.  I feel very fortunate to have met them and worked with them, and would not hesitate to recommend Kimball Brousseau to anyone needing an employment attorney.”
Colette W.
“Before my consultation with Attorney Kimball I had no confidence that I even had a case.  However after sharing my story with her, she quickly assessed the facts and explained to me my legal options.  Once I became a client of Kimball Brousseau, I had the benefit of both Attorneys Brousseau and Kimball’s knowledge and experience to guide, advise and advocate for me.  With their team I had the courage to proceed with my case.  If you find yourself in need of an employment lawyer, I would look no further than Kimball Brousseau.”
T. A. Bower